Fediventure Overview

Welcome! This is the documentation for Fediventure, a project to bring an rc3-world like experience as a federated system across *spaces.

We base on WorkAdventure and currently develop multiple parallel approaches to federate WorkAdventure. However, you can already deploy your own Prototype instance for your *space and start inviting people over, working on maps, etc.

For further information about the Prototype, and future development of Fediventure, keep on reading. Otherwise, head on over to the Prototype section to see how you can get it running today.


This approach to Fediventure aims to get things running across *spaces as soon as possible. It currently mostly consists of working on the WorkAdventure JavaScript frontend, and a bare minimum of changes to the existing backend services so that you can host your own instance easily. To see how to get it running, head on over to the Prototype section.

Future work: matrixless and matrixful implementations

We are currently designing two concurrent implementations of Fediventure that would provide a full federation featureset:

  • cross-*space authentication and identity
  • simplified *space discovery
  • protocol extendability for per-*space extentions
  • cross-*space moderation and safety

These are actively developed on our issue tracker:

Once both approaches are fully fleshed out, a decision to follow either one will be followed, and the Prototype will slowly transition to become either implementation.