Fediventure Community

Fediventure is, first and foremost, a community. This community is responsible for any development of code ore specifications. To participate, join or Matrix channel, and/or just talk with us on issues in our Gitlab organization.

Matrix (chat)

Our main synchronous communication channel is #fediventure:hackerspace.pl on Matrix. This is where we communicate day-to-day on details of the design and implementation, and try to coordinate across different *spaces that wish to be part of the Fediventure system.

Gitlab (issues, code)

We have a Gitlab organization on gitlab.com/fediventure, and all of our infrastructure code lives in the fediventure/fediventure repository in this organization. All issues are contained within this repository, too.


We hold a weekly Jitsi meeting to catch up on stuff and discuss our progress - see our Matrix channel for more information.