Fediventure - The Federated Work Adventure for *Spaces

We're a group of people who are interested in extending the Work Adventure and the rC3 World experience as a fully federated network of Worlds from (hacker)spaces all around the world.

The current focus of the project is:

Our main communication channel is #fediventure:hackerspace.pl on Matrix. Our code is hosted at a public GitLab project.

We are cooperating with the company which created Work Adventure: The Coding Machine, and are aiming to not fork the project.

I want to run a WA for our *space - what do I do?

Our approaches to federation are still a work in progress, and we don't yet have anything ready for you to deploy. However, do take a look at them, and help us out.

In the meantime, you can deploy a WorkAdventure instance from upstream, and join our Matrix channel to wait for further developments.